Streamline asset allocation and oversight

Manage your ticket and other asset allocation processes with TicketTracker, our online ticket management system. Increase ticket and hospitality ROI through streamlined, efficient and effective request processing and tracking. TicketTracker automates the approved internal stakeholders request process, while allowing the sponsorship team to properly oversee the allocation and approval process.

Key benefits:

Centralized management platform for all sponsorship assets to:

▸ Increase and improve usage – the right butts in the right seats for the right reasons
▸ Decrease waste – your valuable assets should not go unused!
▸ Compliance auditable reporting

With TicketTracker, ticket requesters, managers and administrators alike are provided a simple and consistent process for requesting, reviewing and administering ticket and hospitality assets.

For employees or other stakeholders, this means:

▸ A single source for ticket and hospitality asset information
▸ Simple method for requesting assets
▸ Easy online forms by which to explain need and justify use
▸ A single location to check status of all requests
▸ Clear email communications regarding ticket distribution and event-day details

For you, this ensures:

▸ Well-informed employees and stakeholders
▸ Improved buy-in by end users
▸ Time-saving, automated communications
▸ Complete request justification details from which to base allocation decisions
▸ A simple method for reviewing and comparing competing requests for the same assets
▸ Unlimited, real-time reports accessible online by management and stakeholder with just a click
▸ Adherence to internal compliance, audit and industry-specific usage requirements
▸ Reduction in the costs to administer assets
▸ Decrease in the number of unused assets
▸ Improved usage for the best business value
▸ Increased ROI

Contact us to find out more about how TicketTracker helps F1000 companies, their agencies and major sports organizations around the globe consolidate and streamline the oversight of their valuable sponsorship assets – and how it can help you too.