2013 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
December 21, 3:30 p.m. (MST)
Bronco Stadium; Boise, Idaho
Online Media Credentials Manager

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl credential policy is designed to best allocate credentials in order to maximize coverage in a safe, professional working environment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate all requests.

A maximum of three (3) representatives from each media outlet will be credentialed. If more than three (3) credentials are needed for any one outlet, please send a written request to Michelle Smith at michelle@idahopotatobowl.com. Please list your attendees in priority order.

Credential Policy

Preference will be given to media who cover all the home and away games of the MAC and MW teams playing in this year's game as well as Idaho media who routinely cover events on the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl's year long calendar.

Media that cover all the home games of either of the two schools receive the next priority. As a general rule, if either school hasn't credentialed you for multiple games during the regular season, you won't be credentialed for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

For more detailed information on this year's game, please visit the bowl's website at www.famousidahopotatobowl.com, or contact Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Media Relations Coordinator, Michelle Smith at 208-949-1037 or via email at michelle@idahopotatobowl.com

Credential Application

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