Fully leverage your sponsorships

Our EventHub sponsorship portal is a custom built internal website that provides a single, central, comprehensive source for all sponsorship information regarding assets, rights, availability and terms and conditions. It eliminates the need to distribute program and inventory updates, while helping to ensure consistent use of and access to assets across lines of business.

Key benefits:

A single, centralized, comprehensive location for everything sponsorship to:

▸ Increase awareness and improve usage of your valuable sponsorship rights and assets
▸ Provide a single, central, comprehensive, current source for all sponsorships
▸ Simplify the management of your sponsorships and their varying benefits
▸ Eliminate the need to manually distribute information regarding assets, rights, availability, terms and conditions and any event updates
▸ Ensure consistent use of/access to assets across regions/user groups

For employees or other stakeholders, this means:

▸ A comprehensive, informative single source for sponsorship information
▸ Easy access to up-to-date details regarding asset availability, costs, instructions, marketing rights, FAQs and terms for all sponsorships
▸ A single, consistent platform for taking advantage of sponsorship benefits
▸ Easy online forms by which to explain need, justify use and provide all required data
▸ Clear email communications regarding all outstanding sponsorship requests, orders or submissions

For you, this ensures:

▸ Improved end-user buy-in and ongoing positive impressions
▸ Well-informed employees and stakeholders
▸ The ability to limit access of sponsorships/benefits to certain regions, lines of business or otherwise
▸ Tools to increase comfort and effectiveness overseeing sponsorship and hospitality assets and ticket allocation management
▸ Increase in administrator control and intelligence with higher quality, easily accessible information and data
▸ Necessary business justification data on which to base allocation decisions/approvals
▸ A simplified method for reviewing and comparing requests for the same assets
▸ Reduced manual effort with time-saving tools and automated communications
▸ Unlimited, real-time reports accessible online by management and all stakeholders at the click of a link
▸ Adherence to internal compliance, audit and industry-specific usage requirements
▸ Improved  business value and usage of sponsorship assets, increasing ROI
▸ Accurate and complete usage data on which to base future sponsorship decisions
▸ Scalability to support multiple sponsorships as your investments grow
▸Easy integration with other modules including marketing assets management, ticket management, guest management, mobile app, post-event communications and actionable guest and host post-event surveys

Contact us to find out more about how EventHub can help you, like it helps F1000 companies, their agencies and major sports organizations around the globe get the most out of their valuable sponsorships.