Guest Invitation & Registration

Guest Invitation & Registration

The goal is simple: Create amazing guest experiences for every guest at every event.

But the challenge can sometimes seem daunting. You need to coordinate complex logistics and copious quantities of data while providing the personalization that your VIP guests deserve, all while ensuring that you remain on budget and that your guests’ data remains absolutely secure.

We can help.

Sports Systems empowers you to take control of your guest data and guest experience so that your event team gets more done with less effort and your events live up to all stakeholders’ high expectations. Our guest invitation and registration systems empower your team to:

  • Promote your event with a fully brand-compliant, mobile-responsive website
  • Communicate personally and on-brand
  • Precisely manage guests’ individual needs and preferences
  • Deliver an exceptional event

That’s Sports Systems’ simplicity.

Let us help you simplify complexity and convert prospective guests to delighted attendees with less effort and greater security. Your needs are unique. So are our solutions. Tell us what you need and Sports Systems will build a customized system to manage it.

Flexible Invitation & Registration Approaches

  • Invitation-only or open registration formats
  • Event team or host-controlled Invitation personalization process, RSVP, and guest management oversight

Personalized Guest Experience

  • Personalized invitation emails
  • Differentiated website content based on guest type, wave or any invitee/guest characteristic
  • Guest-toggleable multi-language options
  • Flight data auto-fill for accuracy and ease of use
  • Guest-facing GDPR-compliant data protection disclosures and options

Event Team Management Tools

  • Event website content editing
  • Personalized update emails to all or any subset of guests
  • SMS/texting to all or any subset of guests
  • Live flight data updates for ground transportation planning
  • Seating chart tool for guest seat assignments
  • Tickets, accommodations and all pertinent asset tracking and management
  • Mobile app content editing and in-app alerts

On-Site Check-In Tool

  • Hostess or self-service mode
  • Live data integration with registration system database
  • Validation or updates to guests’ information and on-site activities

Post-Event Touchpoints

  • Post-event thank you email
  • Guest and host-specific feedback surveys for ongoing event improvements
  • Souvenir photo download site

Case Study:

Chubb for The Chubb Classic

Challenge: Chubb, one of the world’s most recognizable insurance brands, is the title sponsor of The Chubb Classic, a PGA Champions Tour stop in Naples, Florida. Chubb makes the most of this title sponsorship by hosting over 730 clients, brokers, executives and special guests over the week leading up to and including the Classic. In preparation for this annual event, Chubb faces the monumental task of organizing these 700+ guests across 3 hotels, 9 targeted sub-event programs, 16 attendee groups, 60 hosts and 30+ individual hospitality events, activities and meetings. Thinking about the challenge of managing even just one aspect of the week – the logistics of physically transporting these guests from place to place – is daunting. Chubb needs to ensure that every detail of each guest’s experience is addressed and executed at the level these VIP guests expect and deserve.


Solution: Sports Systems’ guest invitation and registration service simplifies the collection, management and dissemination of the relevant guest data to ensure Chubb is delivering an exceptional event to all constituents. Through this service, Chubb event team members are empowered with:

  • Full, editable access to all guest details and registration information
  • Unlimited reports to provide internal team members and external vendors precise, up-to-the-minute guest details by which to fulfill their portion of the guest experience
  • Easy-to-use tools by which to ensure that any changes to guests’ plans or preferences are accommodated

And Chubb guests enjoy:


Results: The Chubb team arrives on-site knowing that all aspects of the event and guest experience have been addressed and prepared for. They are comfortable with their access to the data and tools they need to successfully navigate inevitable on-site challenges. And they are confident that they will deliver an exceptional event. Chubb’s clients, brokers, executives and special guests enjoy a personalized Chubb Classic

experience where every need is managed and every aspect of communication is personalized, not only meeting, but exceeding their expectations. By simplifying the management of an otherwise daunting mountain of details and data, Sports Systems’ guest invitation and registration service enables Chubb to further its business relationships and maximize the return on its Chubb Classic title sponsorship.

We’ve worked with Jim Daigle and his team at Sports Systems for the past 6 years, and we have built a very strong partnership. The team is responsive, available, and knowledgeable. The platform is continually enhanced to be sure it is on trend and competitive with the larger, more expensive, registration systems. A huge plus to our team is the accessibility to the program’s back end, which allows us to control our reports, including content and frequency. This is something we are not able to replicate with other providers, and is just one of the reasons we continue to use Sports Systems as our “go to” registration system.


Having partnered with Sports Systems for the past few years, I can attest that they have produced great service and their technology raised the guest experience and benchmark. The system flexibility and intelligence allows us to tailor any client requirements and contributed to the success of the events. Having worked with Sports Systems across various global events such as FIFA World Cup, Olympics and UCL/ UEL Championships, they are well positioned to meet any needs and requirements. It also helps that they are friendly and helpful people to work with!

Derek Barnard, Client Manager, MKTG

The success of our events is attributed to your expertise, “can do” attitude, passion for perfection, immediate response to requests, and your amazing web portal. Big thank you to you and the Sports Systems’ team for all of your support in making Intel shine. Very appreciative of our partnership.

Sandy Ellison, CMP, Intel
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