About Us

Sports Systems was born out of a dual passion for sports and technology and this is what continues to drive us to simplify the data management challenges faced by sports teams, leagues, events, and their corporate partners.

Sports Systems launched more than three decades ago by fulfilling the data collection and management needs of sports leagues such as Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer through newly-available portable PCs. The results were game-changing: modernizing event-site player and team data collection and creating the first PC-based league schedule optimizer and the first on-site PC-based scoring systems and media guide.

In the 90’s through early 00’s, when faxing was the fastest form of reliable written communication, Sports Systems was an early adopter of computer-based faxing, creating systems to enable teams and events to quickly get their press releases and post-game stats and notes to off-site media. The clients were ecstatic to simplify a previously unwieldy process, and Sports Systems became the country’s leading original-source sports news distributor.

In the mid 00’s, Sports Systems identified and applied new technologies in websites and cloud databases to pioneer easy and inexpensive event accreditation solutions. Then, we extended this new model for data collection, management, and communications to launch a comprehensive suite of products catering to the specialized needs of sports marketing agencies and corporate sponsors for the world’s most prestigious teams, leagues, and events including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, College Bowl Games, The Super Bowl, MLS and F1, among many others.

Today, Sports Systems’ full-suite sports data management system simplifies the lives of teams, leagues, and events throughout the world.

We remain true to our core—focused on two things: creating solutions to common inefficiencies in the sports world through new technologies and making our existing technology robust, scalable, and customizable.

The result is: simplicity.

The Sports Systems Team

Dedicated to helping you create your best event experience — Meet the Sports Systems team, passionate about simplifying your event management challenges.

Jim Daigle

Jim Daigle President & Founder

Jim brings 30 years in the sports industry to his role as founder and CEO of Sports Systems. With an early career as a programmer for the Pentagon and the White House, it’s no wonder that Jim makes security a top priority at Sports Systems! Born in Cleveland, Jim remains loyal to the rarely successful teams he grew up with: the Indians, Browns and Cavs, and this is why he has been immersed in Formula One as his favorite sport for more than 20 years. Jim lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

An out-of-the-box thinker and programmer, John has been opening doors to technology since 1995 when he opened alt.coffee, one of NYC’s first internet cafes. Fueled by a dedicated T1 line and as much coffee as he could drink, John immersed himself in the web and learned how to program. With an M.S. in Computer Science from NYU and some serious programming and management skills, John executes Sports Systems’ technology strategy, leads the development team, and gets his hands dirty with plenty of code.

With a BA in Journalism, more than 30 years of experience in college athletics, and a lead role in the introduction of Sports Systems’ press credentialing programs to the world of college athletics more than 15 years ago, Brian is a pioneer in the world of media credentialing. Brian’s free time is spent around his family with his wife of 29 years, Peggy, and three sons, Daniel, Patrick (both USC students) and Matthew. He enjoys cycling and is an avid Red Sox fan.

With 15+ years managing public relations and hospitality events for some of NASCAR’s largest sponsors and a passion for technology, Rick finds the best, simplest solutions for every client. From project to concept through design and build, Rick ensures that every campaign successfully connects. Rick resides in Huntersville, NC with his wife and two children. Most of his free time is spent watching his son play lacrosse and actively leading his son’s Boy Scout troop. He also enjoys a sunny day on the golf course.

Edd has more than two decades of operational planning experience with a wide variety of events from incentives to product launches, with a specific focus on communications, ticketing and registration systems. He brings this experience to Sports Systems where he specializes in sponsorship activation for major sporting events including FIFA World Cups and UEFA European tournaments. When not working, Edd enjoys walking, traveling, and watching sports.

Mark is a seasoned collegiate and professional athlete—Villanova baseball and football and Italian Baseball League—who channeled his love for sport into a Masters in Sports Management at Columbia University. Mark’s day-to-day clients include MasterCard, Panasonic, FedEx, Chubb, and Pepsi. Outside of Sports Systems you’ll find Mark pursuing his hobbies which include photography, traveling, cooking, golf, and salt-water fishing.

Ed keeps one foot in the world of operations and the other in the world of IT (aka “Dev”) to bring a balanced approach to his role ensuring quality assurance and directly supporting the operations team’s Program Managers. Ed prefers motorcycle racing and MMA as opposed to team-based sports, but has been known to watch the occasional football or basketball game.

Another member of Sport Systems’ stellar rookie class, Feng started as Front End Developer, expanding the “Dev” team’s proficiency in this area. With his five years’ experience at a digital agency, Feng possesses a breadth of expertise in delivering precise, user-experience-focused design and functionality, employing cutting-edge open source interface standards. Feng holds a B.S. in Surveying Technology from Shandong University (Jinan, China) and an M.S. from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys tutoring students in HTML/CSS/WordPress code and watching Knicks games.

Milan Mandania joined the Sports Systems team as a recent graduate of Montclair State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology. Having worked on projects relating to the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Milan has been able to hit the ground running as a Platform Specialist with Sports Systems. Other key aspects of Milan’s background are his experience working with eCommerce websites and using Android Studio for application development. Milan has a passion for technology – its continual advancement and development – and so is perfectly positioned to be a major asset to Sports Systems and its clients. During his free time, Milan enjoys being active and outside, whether with friends or family or playing tennis at a park.