Ticket Management

Ticket Management

Juggling all the moving parts that make up ticket and asset allocation is a significant challenge. This challenge is multiplied when different end users and different stakeholders are communicating and managing through different channels and via different systems.

We can help.

Sports Systems allows you to tame the ticket management monster through a single system specifically designed to improve control and increase ROI. Our brand compliant ticket management systems empower you to:

  • Communicate ticket and asset availability
  • Easily review and compare competing requests for the same assets
  • Improve usage – ensure the right customers and end users are in attendance
  • Decrease the number of unused tickets
  • Increase ticket ROI
  • Produce compliance-auditable reporting

Let us help you simplify the time consuming tasks of communicating, reviewing, approving and reporting event ticket and asset availability and utilization. Our systems are tailored to meet your needs and objectives, and be compliant with your existing processes.

Request Submission & Review

  • Custom URL
  • Link to site from existing employee intranet
  • Fully-brand compliant end user interface/website
  • Accommodation for variations in asset access based on end user profiles
  • Built-in business rule compliance across the board or varying between different lines of business or regions
  • Adherence to existing or improved single or multi-step approval process
  • Trafficking of requests to appropriate parties for review
  • Approver alert emails with links to actionable reports

Intuitive End User Experience

  • Advance information regarding event offerings and ticket availability
  • Instructions for submission of requests and criteria for consideration
  • Communication of request and attendee nomination review and approval processes
  • Easy-to-use event/ticket search and selection tool
  • Simple to complete request forms to detail business purpose and justify use
  • Personalized request status email communications
  • Personal real time summary page displaying current status of each asset request
  • Post-event data capture forms to provide usage and ROI information

Ticket Management Administrative Oversight

  • Single tool to simplify oversight of multiple sponsorships and multiple asset benefits
  • Total-view review and allocation visibility
  • Step-by-step reports for multi-level approval processes
  • Flexible asset assignment and simple approval methodology
  • System-generated emails to inform requesters of status, decisions and ticket/hospitality distribution details
  • Real time asset reports for all concerned stakeholders
  • Usage tracking for current and future decision making

Case Study:

Octagon for Stella Artois - Wimbledon

Challenge: Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is widely regarded as the most prestigious. Also of substantial history and prestige, Stella Artois, a Belgian pilsner, was first brewed by Brouwerij Artois (the Artois Brewery) in Leuven, Belgium, in 1926. Among other sponsorship benefits, as the Official Beer Partner of Wimbledon (since 2014), Stella Artois is provided upwards of 800 tickets and hospitality opportunities to the tune of 39 ticket options (three ticket types over the 13 days). While certainly a good problem to have, Stella Artois is challenged to utilize these assets for the best business purpose and with sufficient visibility by which to measure usage and evaluate success to aid in decision-making going forward.


Solution: With Sports Systems’ Ticket and Guest Management services, Octagon—Stella Artois’ sports and entertainment marketing agency—simplified requests, allocations and the collection and management of guest-related data by providing:

  • Stella Artois employees easy access to sponsorship information and asset availability
  • A simple process by which to submit requests for Wimbledon tickets and hospitality, including both primary and secondary preferences, to expedite the allocation process
  • A straightforward method for accessing guests’ invitation history and avoiding duplicate Wimbledon invitations from separate Stella Artois contacts
  • An integrated process to invite, register and manage guests

Results: Octagon successfully manages Stella Artois’ sponsorship assets by employing the administrative, reporting and allocation tools needed to ensure Stella Artois’ proper review, best-business-use assessment and allocation of these valuable Wimbledon assets. Both the Octagon

event team members and Stella Artois employee-hosts have the information and data they need to provide high-touch customer communications and experiences pre-event, on-site and post-event. Stella Artois executives are provided the usage reports they need to measure success and evaluate this and future sponsorships.

Managing a ticketing portal for the first time was made much more straightforward with Sports Systems. They helped develop a programme that was simple, looked great for the end user and was easy to manage as an admin. The support team were on hand every time I needed assistance. I would highly recommend them.

Alex Heslop, Account Manager, Octagon
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