Sponsorship Asset Management

Sponsorship Asset Management

What you do isn’t easy.

Maximizing sponsorship investments requires a balancing act that includes ensuring that:

  • The highest-priority VIP guests attend events
  • The guest experience is superior
  • Sponsorship assets are fully communicated and properly leveraged
  • Usage and compliance reporting are precise
  • Budgets are maintained

Sports Systems simplifies sponsorship asset management empowering you to effectively communicate and improve usage of valuable sponsorship rights and assets through a single, customized private portal with:

  • An intuitive administrative backend
  • Easy access to up-to-date details including availability, costs, marketing rights, and terms
  • Management of multiple sponsorships and events

Your needs are unique. So are our solutions.

Our system modules are fully brand compliant and designed to meet your specific needs. Let us help you simplify complexity with a custom built system that can include:

Customized Private Portal

  • Single location for easy access to all sponsorship information for employees and stakeholders
  • Explanation of asset usage and best practices

Brand Asset Guidelines & Downloads

  • Easy access to all marketing rights materials and brand standards in one location
  • Powerful search function with quick previews and downlaods of all logos, marks, and imagery

Submission of Marketing Materials

  • Streamlined process for review
  • Acquisition of complete campaign details necessary for internal and external evaluation
  • System-generated emails to communicate necessary changes
  • Ability to give final approval or denial

Searchable Calendar of Events

  • Comprehensive database of all available event tickets and hospitality packages
  • Native, easy-to-use search filters to locate desired events

Ticket & Hospitality Requests

  • Simple ticket and hospitality request process
  • Confirmed submission of request justification and proposed use details
  • Trafficking of requests to appropriate parties for review
  • Flexible asset assignment for controlling administrators
  • System-generated emails to inform of status, resulting decision outcome and  ticket/hospitality distribution details

Case Study:

Fuse for PepsiCo UEFA Champions League (UCL)

Challenge: The UEFA Champions League (UCL) tournament is the world’s largest annual sports event with 146 matches over a period of 10 months, reaching over one billion TV viewers annually. Pepsi is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. As an official partner of the UCL, PepsiCo faces the immense challenge of maximizing the ROI of a large sports sponsorship by allocating available tickets, hospitality and co-branding rights and benefits to the best possible attendees and for the most beneficial marketing purposes throughout the season. On the micro level, Pepsi faced the challenges of how to: centralize communication with employees, ensure proper and profitable use of owned assets and rights benefits, invite, register and manage guests at multiple, season-long matches with varying hosts and experiences and do all of that with precise and accessible record keeping.


Solution: Through Sports Systems’ customized sponsorship asset management single-portal solution, Fuse—Pepsi’s UEFA sports marketing agency— simplified the dissemination of information and collection of all request and guest-related data empowering Pepsi employees with:

  • Explanations of the entire program: events, packages, timelines, costs and processes
  • Local activation guidelines and best practices
  • Access to brand assets
  • A process for submission and review of marketing collateral
  • An integrated process to request tickets and hospitality packages, and –for the UCL Final– invite, register and manage guests

Results: The Fuse/Pepsi team enjoys an easy-to-use single comprehensive application which maximizes return on asset and sponsorship benefit value, simplifies ticket allocation, and enables guest management while eliminating unnecessary manual communications and fulfillment. Guests enjoy customized experiences

tailored to their specifics and exceeding their expectations. By simplifying an otherwise overwhelming number of tasks and functions through Sports Systems’ customized sponsorship asset management application, Pepsi experiences maximum ROI from its UEFA Champions League sponsorship.

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