COVID-19 Solutions

Event Data Collection & Management


Custom online solutions that streamline event information gathering and data management for the world’s leading sports and sponsorship organizations.


Your challenges are unique, so are our solutions.

COVID-19 Solutions

Simplify the complexity of following COVID-19 protocols and best practices. Choose a comprehensive solution for reactivating your sporting, entertainment or corporate event or simply allowing your employees back into their offices.

Key Features
  • Off-site daily health screenings
  • Event site access control
  • Building access control
  • Data collection and management
  • COVID-19 test kits
  • Back to events / Back to office app
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Mobile Apps

Enhance and extend your branded event experience with a personalized mobile app. Communicate the latest event updates and allow attendees to view their unique logistical details throughout the event lifecycle wherever they are on their mobile devices.

Key Features
  • Continuity with existing site branding
  • Personalized itineraries
  • Timely event details & updates
  • Real-time data reflection
  • Client-controlled alerts
  • Supports Android & Apple devices
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Accreditation / Credentialing

Simplify event credentialing. Leagues, teams, and events enjoy the benefits of a well-organized, time- efficient, and seamless end-to-end solution. Streamline data collection, processing, communications and badge production through a single online portal.

Key Features
  • Custom-built solution designed to fit your needs
  • Full integration with your brand & website
  • Secure & accurate data collection
  • COVID-19 access protocol integration
  • Automated, customized emails
  • Bulk badge download and printing
  • On-site check-in and management with instant photo capture, auto photo cropping and badge production
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Guest Invitation & Registration

Attract your VIP guests with on-brand personalized invitations. Market events through dynamic mobile-responsive websites. Empower your team with an intuitive administrative back end including unlimited reports, data tracking, editing and automated email communications. Fully customizable.

Key Features
  • Pre-event, on-site, & post-event tools
  • Customized guest communications
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Invitation conversion metrics
  • On-site check-in
  • Post-event survey and photo gallery
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Ticket Management

Reign in the time consuming and tedious task of ticket tracking. Our single online process simplifies ticket management from ticket requests through approvals and allocations. Communicate criteria and compliance requirements and maximize your ROI.

Key Features
  • Easy search & select
  • Simple request forms
  • Customizable, multi-step approval process
  • Automated email communications
  • Compliance-auditable tracking
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Sponsorship Asset Management

Effectively communicate and improve usage of valuable sponsorship rights and assets in a single, customized, private portal managed via an intuitive administrative back end. Provide easy access to up-to-date details including availability, costs, marketing rights, and terms for multiple sponsorships and events.

Key Features
  • Brand asset guidelines and downloads
  • Marketing approvals
  • Searchable calendar of events
  • Ticket & hospitality requests
  • Guest invitation & registration module integration
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Reporting & Admininstration

Take control of your entire event data management universe.
Our intuitive back end provides event teams and system administrators full control of collected data so you can deliver an exceptional event. Customize the information you need to manage and how you want to view it. Simplify data management through an integrated module that facilitates easy creation, customization and sharing of an unlimited number of real-time reports.

Key Features
  • Client-controlled report filtering
  • Last minute change notification
  • Inventory tracking
  • Read-only reports for stakeholders & vendors
  • Audit trail logging
  • Rigid data security
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