Reporting & Administration

Reporting & Administration

Just about anyone can build a pretty website. But being in the sports/events industry, you know that the power is in the data. Capturing precise, complete and fully accurate data from your end users—VIP guests, media, operations or employees—is critical. Being able to take full control of that data to deliver an exceptional event experience is equally critical—but not always as simple as it sounds.

Welcome to Control—Sports Systems’ administrative back end.

The power of data lies in your ability to organize, manipulate, analyze, distribute and use it to make the critical decisions necessary to exceed the expectations of all event stakeholders, participants and even your own event team.

Sports Systems’ Control helps you simplify the inherent complexity of managing your sponsorship assets, your event, your attendees or all of these!

Our back end tools provide your event team fast and easy oversight of all event data.

Our reporting and administrative tools are the power behind our services. Let us help you simplify the management of your event by giving you the Control you need.

Data Oversight & Tracking

  • Fully view and edit data as needed
  • Track data edits via audit trail logging and time stamps
  • Allow for single or multi-field editing for easy updating – internally and externally

Organization & Change Management

  • Provide bird’s eye view charts and graphs of RSVPs, applications or usage
  • Create report folders by which to organize your reports
  • Slice and dice the data to show the specific detail each internal team member or external vendor needs—no more, no less
  • Sort data at the click of a column head or with multi-level sorting
  • Quickly identify recent changes to critical data to make changes to guests or attendees on-site arrangements
  • Email certain guests’ or attendees’ with event updates and information important to only their group, wave or other attendee subset

Reports & Data Distribution

  • Client-editable content
  • Create and edit an unlimited number of reports via the intuitive report platform
  • Use “on the fly” filtering to reduce the number of similar reports that vary only be a piece or two of data
  • Include critical counts, value distributions and averages where applicable
  • Easily display and share invitation success metrics
  • Utilize access passwords to further secure your most sensitive data
  • Batch download attendees’ custom itineraries or photos into easily shared zip files
  • Export reports to excel or html

We love Sports Systems here at the LA Rams. They’ve created a powerful tool that we utilize to enhance our overall credential operations and service to our media. It has made the credentialing process in the nation’s No. 2 media market extremely efficient for our NFL team. The customizable reports, easy-to-use features, and trustworthy service, specifically, helped simplify and streamline our procedures. The best part is, I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface on its other capabilities!

Tiffany White, Communications, Los Angeles Rams
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