Simplify event credentialing

PressPass is our leading online platform for media accreditation applications and processing that streamlines the credentialing process and delivers real improvement in control and time savings. Complimenting PressPass, OpsPass is our platform for staff, worker and participant accreditation management that increases your control with less work. OpsPass also assists volunteer management with data collection, shift assignment and automated communications.

Key benefits

With PressPass and OpsPass you:

▸ Save time, increase efficiency and improve productivity – do more with less and go home earlier!
▸ Exponentially improve communication to event attendees via automated, customizable emails
▸ Improve data accuracy for better control

With PressPass and OpsPass, media, staff, vendors, volunteers and event participants are provided a simple and consistent process for requesting event credentials and internal staff is better able to manage accreditation with complete and accurate data.

For all your attending media, staff, vendors, volunteers and any other credentialed attendees, this means:

▸ A single online location for event and credentialing information (the system we build can be linked from your existing event website)
▸ A streamlined accreditation process from end-to-end
▸ An easy online application to provide necessary qualification details
▸ Easy access back to online applications to make changes or add additional applicants
▸ Clear email communications regarding application status, credential pick up and any needed onsite instructions
▸ Easy access to map and schedules via external links and attachments to emails
▸ Clickable access to bardcoded gate/parking passes and other printed forms for approved attendees
▸ Even greater access to information on your event and activities via an optional mobile app for for approved attendees

For you and your event team, this ensures:

▸ A modern, upgraded accreditation service that improves the applicant/attendee experience
▸ Improved control and administration of the entire credentialing process
▸ Complete, accurate application details from which to base approval/denial decisions
▸ Unlimited, secure, real-time reports accessible online by management and all internal and external team members/vendors at the click of a link (password protected if desired)
▸ Improved information dissemination to enhance attendee and management satisfaction
▸ Time-saving, automated email communications
▸ Better-informed, credentialed attendees
▸ Significant reduction in the overall time needed to manage accreditation

Contact us to find out more about how PressPass can help you, like it helped event managers at nearly 1,500 events just within the last year, streamline their credentialing process and provide real improvement in control and time savings.