Manage guest invitation and registration

Manage your guest invitation and registration process through our GuestFirst platform, ensuring top-quality, on-brand guest communications and handling. Fully integrated with both TicketTracker and EventHub or leveraged as a stand alone platform, GuestFirst easily handles different branding requirements, multiple languages and varying package/guest registration needs.

Key benefits:

GuestFirst helps you improve, streamline and simplify guest handling at your events by:

▸ Enhancing the guest experience
▸ Increasing event team productivity

For guests, this means:

▸ Personalized email invitations
▸ Informative event websites with varying content based on one’s unique event experience and schedule
▸ Simple RSVP and registration process
▸ Informative mobile app complete with personalized itineraries
▸ Post-event thank you emails and optional feedback opportunity
▸ Keepsake event photo galleries

For you, this ensures:

▸ An exceptional guest experience from start to finish
▸ Brand immersion across all guest touch points
▸ Improved invitation response rates
▸ Well informed guests
▸ Complete registration data from which to make contractual decisions
▸ Better control over guest logistics and 3rd party services
▸ Unlimited, real-time reports accessible online by stakeholders and vendors at the click of a link
▸ Extension of the onsite interaction and brand experience
▸ Actionable guest and host post-event surveys
▸ Lasting positive impressions

Hosting dozens or hundreds of valued guests at exclusive events like the Olympics, Masters, Super Bowl, Final Four, World Cup or America’s Cup requires a different set of capabilities than running a conference or a sales meeting.

▸ Communicating distinctly, personally, and on-brand
▸ Overseeing complex, varying guest logistics and activities
▸ Keeping all stakeholders abreast of complete status details
▸ Deftly monitoring and accommodating last minute changes

Contact us to find out more about how GuestFirst helps Fortune 1000 companies, their agencies and major sports organizations manage their guests and how it can help you too.