Accreditation / Credentialing

Accreditation / Credentialing

Accreditation and credentialing your media, internal, operational and volunteer attendees is a critical part of your event operations. When you take control of this important aspect of event management, you create efficiency and provide a better experience for your covering media and all operational staff. But how?

Let us help…with a complete solution.

Last year alone, more than 1,600 professional and collegiate events worldwide utilized Sports Systems’ proven platform to simplify accreditation and credentialing, save time and increase productivity. Our complete, yet simple offering includes:

  • A fully brand compliant application website
  • Simple, user-friendly application or invitation process
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Automated, personalized email communications
  • COVID-19 access protocol integration
  • Badge production
  • In-venue zone scanning
  • Intuitive reports for each event constituent

That’s simplicity by Sports Systems.

Let us help you simplify complexity and streamline your entire accreditation and credentialing process with less effort and greater security.

Flexible, Easy-to-Access Application Site +

  • Link to the application site from your existing event website
  • Invite media to the application site via an email from the system
  • Variable application and qualification questions based on applicant category and/or desired access level
  • Terms and conditions disclosure and applicant sign off

Simplified Application Process +

  • Clear, concise application instructions
  • Communication of criteria for consideration, review process and timeline for notification
  • Easy-to-follow application forms
  • Applicant-toggleable multi-language options
  • Built-in credential photo upload tool
  • Easy return to online application to make changes or add new applicants
  • Real time summary page displaying current status of each attendee application
  • Attendee-facing GDPR-compliant data protection disclosures and options
  • Clear, personalized email communications regarding application status

Polished Application Experience +

  • Precise email communications including credential pick up instructions and on-site procedures
  • Clickable access to barcode gate/parking passes and other necessary printed forms via custom PDFs
  • Personalized mobile app to provide easy access to maps, schedules and other on-site details
  • Mobile alerts as to last minute schedule and location changes

Badge Layout and Production

  • Badge design layout and printing
  • Flexibility to meet your exact needs: 2D barcodes, QR codes, custom font incorporation, event-specific imagery, zoning, graphics
  • Available for individual or bulk download for printing

Event Team Administrative Tools +

  • Complete, accurate application details from which to base approval/denial decisions
  • Efficient, total-view accreditation and credential administration
  • Time-saving, system-generated emails to inform applicants of status, approval notification, and on-site details
  • Client-controlled attendee type-specific update emails to any subset of attendees
  • Unlimited, secure, real time reports for all event constituents
  • Singular and bulk data editing capabilities
  • SMS/texting to all or any subset of attendees
  • Mobile app content editing and in-app alerts
  • Built-in bulk photo upload and auto-cropping tools

On-Site Check-In Tool +

  • COVID-19 access protocol integration including testing, daily health screening and site access control
  • Real-time integration between check-in tool and accreditation system
  • Fully current data including last minute registrants
  • Search by name, barcode scan or list
  • Immediate identity validation by photo and data confirmation
  • Instant headshots including photo quality and auto-cropping tools
  • Ability to present, confirm and modify live accreditation data
  • Live data recording and reporting
  • Integrated finger signature for receipt confirmation or acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Brand compliant design

On-Site Services and Printer Integration +

  • Start to finish consultation and/or coordination of on-site equipment, supplies and staff
  • Pre-event credential production management
  • On-site staff support for credential production, management and distribution
  • Ability to integrate with existing card printing software

Case Study:

College Football Playoff

Challenge: The College Football Playoff determines the national champion of the top division of college football. It matches the No. 1 ranked team vs. No. 4, and No. 2 vs. No. 3 in semifinal games whose locations rotate annually among six Bowl games. The winners of these games compete for the CFP National Championship, one of the largest sporting events in the world in terms of attendance and media consumption. The massive scope of the CFP presents its organizers with the daunting need for a robust, secure, end-to-end accreditation solution for the many constituents that require credentials.


Solution: Sports Systems’ accreditation/credentialing service simplifies the monumental, tedious and time-consuming tasks involved with credential application collection, management, vetting, and communication to ensure not only optimal media and operations coverage, but also the safety and security of all involved.

Sports Systems’ accreditation/credentialing service:

  • Delivers a simple process for operations, media and volunteers to request credentials, day passes and/or wristbands
  • Allows the CFP full control over all submitted data
  • Automates email and text communication to all applicants and subsets of applicants
  • Keeps approved attending media informed via a mobile app for easy access to all details
  • Gives CFP the ability to send alerts to subsets of attendees for important on-site announcements
  • Provides badge production and on-site management support

Results: Since its inaugural year in 2015, the College Football Playoff has relied on Sports Systems to deliver a reliable accreditation solution coupled with exceptional customer service. In 2020, our enhanced offerings included badge production and on-site support, in addition to delivering the reliable application platform we had provided for years. Media and vendors easily understand

the straight-forward application process.  They enjoy clear and concise communications, and they have the credentials, reservations and all on-site details they need at their fingertips. The CFP, its sponsors, promoters, vendors and all constituencies are ensured not only optimal media coverage of the games, but also the safety and security of participants, staff and fans throughout the event.

Sports Systems has been a College Football Playoff (CFP) vendor since the inaugural national championship game in 2015. The company provides support to the CFP in the areas of data collection and access management. Sports Systems’ staff is professional, responsive and continues to work with our organization to find newer and better solutions each year. Through the partnership with Sports Systems, the CFP looks to identify enhanced accreditation solutions across all of championship week. We have enjoyed the working relationship with Sports Systems and look forward to continued success.

Andrea Williams - Chief Operating Officer, College Football Playoff

Sports Systems simplifies the entire process of managing media credentials with a user-friendly system that saves our staff a great deal of time. The media covering our event had nothing but high praise for the entire online application process. But the best part of using Sports Systems has been the treatment we’ve received from their staff. They are most helpful, completely knowledgeable, can relate to our needs, and are accessible at any time. We conducted surveys for personnel from host institutions and conferences to ask them for their feedback regarding the online credentialing system. 100% of the feedback we received is positive. Most impressive is the responsiveness to so many people who need assistance during a small window of time.

David Worlock, NCAA

Sports Systems is one of the best partners we are affiliated with, providing professional and prompt service for our organization. They are always looking to improve their products, often before we even ask for it. That is the sign of a great partner.

Mike Schulze, Director of Communications and Sponsorships, Outback Bowl

Sports Systems’ credential portal has been incredible and has helped us streamline our credentialing process. It’s very easy to use and the media likes it as well. This is our second season using the system, and we will continue to use it as the years go on. We highly recommend it!

Nicole Chayet, Sr. Manager, Communications & Hispanic Relations, New York City Football Club

Sports Systems made the credentialing process much simpler and efficient. The automatic email feature saved me a substantial amount of time, freeing me up to work on more pressing needs rather than sending approval/denial emails for hours every Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Preston Edwards - Carolina Panthers

Sports Systems makes credentialing a breeze! I could not imagine filling credential requests for the Camellia Bowl without the fine folks at Sports Systems.

Barry Allen - Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

Using Sports Systems was a total time saver for me in the busiest time of my year.

Eric Rhodes - NOVA Arizona Bowl

It was really easy to use and the breakout of media lists really helped make my life easier. I highly recommend using Sports Systems for any major sporting event.

Brian DeLettre - TaxSlayer Gator Bowl

In my first year in the bowl world and using Sports Systems’ credentialing system, Brian Binette and the Sports Systems team made the transition seamless. The training was very thorough, and they were so helpful throughout the process. I heard nothing but rave reviews from the credentialed media.

Erik Evenson - Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl

Sports System has been a vital tool for our game and getting the information to all necessary parties quickly.

Casey Kupper - Music City Bowl

Brian is a great asset to the Bowl and Sports Systems! Always a phone call away, so responsive, and always willing to help whenever we need it!

Amber O'Brien - PlayStation Fiesta Bowl
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