We don’t need to describe the unprecedented scenarios COVID-19 has presented to the events business. You have a myriad of new needs to address challenging prescribed protocols we would never have imagined necessary to safely hold a sporting or entertainment event or enter your place of work.

We can help.

Guided by new 2020 health and safety protocols, Sports Systems’ COVID-19 focused solutions cover:

  • Data collection and management
  • COVID-19 virus testing
  • Daily health screenings
  • Event site access control
  • Office building access control

We offer best practice counsel and other lessons learned from clients and non-clients similarly striving to reactivate their events and allow employees back into their offices.

The two overriding best practices are to minimize the number of people in the live event “bubble” or workplace, and to perform overlapping testing to identify and separate symptomatic, asymptomatic, and pre-symptomatic virus carriers to best avoid health risks to athletes, staff, their families, and communities.

Let us help you simplify the complexity of following COVID-19 protocols and best practices.

Protocol Element: Data Collection and Management

  • On-brand accreditation platform
  • Baseline pre, during and post-event data gathering, storage and management
  • Travel data collection
  • Individual and household health questionnaires
  • COVID-19 terms, conditions and liability waiver sign off
  • Contact tracing-capable data recording

Protocol Element: COVID-19 Testing

  • FDA-approved COVID-19 PCR saliva tests and results recording
  • Twelve to thirty-six-hour lab results turn-around
  • In-advance, at-home, pre-travel, self-collected, telehealth-supervised PCR tests for all staff, media, athletes, coaches and onsite personnel
  • On-arrival, hotel and/or event site PCR tests for all attendees
  • Further follow-on PCR tests as per your medical counsel
  • Results reporting

Protocol Element: Off-site Daily Health Screening

  • Background health history and travel questionnaires
  • Daily, pre-travel, morning mobile app reminders to all staff, media, athletes, coaches and on-site personnel for self-administered temperature and symptom check recording
  • Extension of daily morning mobile app reminders and data recording to potential attendees’ household members and other constituents as prescribed by your medical counsel
  • Daily, in-hotel, symptom check and self-administered temperature recording via provided Bluetooth thermometer for improved data integrity
  • Event site “bubble” staff administered health screening, no-contact temperature and symptom check recording

Protocol Element: Event Site Access Control

  • On-brand attendee badges for fast identification and secure zone access control
  • Badge and wristband design and printing or provision for self or 3rd party printing
  • Event perimeter entry barcode or RFID-scanning software
  • Real time access permission verification
  • Photo validated identity check
  • Access point health screening, temperature and symptom check recording
  • Internal zone access control scanning, permission verification and identity re-checks
  • Hand-held scanner provision

Protocol Element: Office Building Access Control

  • Turnkey check-in tool kit to ensure employee safety upon entry to place of work
  • Barcode or RFID scanning of employee ID card via mobile device
  • Health screening and symptom check
  • Temperature taken via no-contact Bluetooth thermometer
  • All data captured and recorded in integrated check-in tool
  • Add on: Daily, morning mobile app reminders for self-administered temperature and symptom check recording
Note: Sports Systems does not provide medical advice; we offer solutions to fulfill the medical advice you are receiving.

Get in touch to see how we can help you simplify the complexity of following COVID-19 protocols and best practices.
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