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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Jedi were trapped within an energy field within an underground grotto, while Ventress gloated over them. Both Dooku and Darth Sidious were aware that the cowardly Neimoidian wouldn't last long under Jedi interrogation, so Dooku sent Asajj Ventress to either free Gunray, or silence him. Disney has announced more new properties in the Star Wars universe than you can shake a sonic mine at. 19 BBY Both duelists fell into the grotto when Fisto cut apart the loading dock they fought on before passing out. It's time for Star Wars fans across the world to rejoice as recent news reports have revealed that a brand new television series is in the making.It will be called The Acolyte which has been described as a mystery-thriller and will be featured on Disney Plus.In 2019, American actor and director Jon Favreau brought The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.. [43], Yoda agreed to the terms, and spent the remainder of the day fighting his way through Ventress' forces. As they prepared to leave, and scuttle the facility, a Jedi strike team composed of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Knol Ven'nari, Nico Diath, Jon Antilles, and Fay arrived. Perceiving him as a threat, the two drew their lightsabers and attacked him. Kenobi decided to aid his former friend, and helped Vos escape the droids. Asajj Ventress duels Anakin Skywalker during the assault on Kamino. Andrew Gilman. While Quinlan Vos and Sora Bulq raged against each other, Quinlan struggled with his own inner darkness, his battle aided by Aayla Secura's meditative connection to him. However, during the battle, power surges aboard the Republic flagship from the battle damage allowed Vos to escape and retrieve his weapons. Immediately afterwards, Dooku traveled to Tibrin, which had just been captured by the Confederacy. This Star Wars Legends article contains information that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project. [4], Asajj Ventress was arguably the most prominent member of the Dark Acolytes, even receiving an introduction to Darth Sidious. Check out the official Star Wars tweet below: Leslye Headland brings a new @StarWars series to @DisneyPlus with The Acolyte. Skywalker and Ponchar escaped, and Saato pursued the former to the Great Pit of Carkoon, but was bested and slain in a lightsaber duel. Out of all the new Star Wars projects, none is as enigmatic as Star Wars: The Acolyte, a story set during the High Republic era. Ventress managed to escape on board Grievous' escape pod as the General fled the lost battle, fresh from his own contest with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Frustrated by the mundane tasks he was being set to, Vos traveled to Antar to confront Dooku about this. Vos accompanied Dooku to one of his strongholds as a guest, and even had the Holocron of Heresies displayed to him. Some joined out of personal loyalty to Dooku himself,[1] though others joined out of a misguided fascination with either the dark side of the Force or Sith lore, both of which the organization championed. Asajj Ventress infiltrated the planet as a spy, relaying intelligence to General Grievous. While they fought, Dooku ordered the flagship destroyed to ensure Ventress' death, forcing all the combatants to break off and attempt escape in their starfighters. When Yoda arrived, he and Dooku began speaking, attempting to reason with and sway one another to his own cause, while Ventress intercepted the Padawans with Yoda, Whie Malreaux and Tallisibeth "Scout" Enwandung-Esterhazy, when they attempted to infiltrate the Chateau through the secret passages. Dooku managed to cut open Skywalker's weighted backpack, that supposedly contained Rotta, only to discover the ruse, though he was unsurprised and prepared, having left a trio of IG-100 MagnaGuards as Jabba's palace to ambush Tano. Chuff a famous actor who had made reputation for himself as a Yoda-impersonator. After a brief duel, Trenox opted to flee again, escaping on a speeder bike. During the Battle of Geonosis, she was charged with clearing out Dooku's escape route during the fighting. Her involvement in the series was [not previously] mentioned in press releases… Roberts was instrumental in the development and production of “Star Wars: … Vos decapitated Fenn's corpse, taking the head as proof of kill to Dooku, and leaving a recording of the incident at the scene as a warning to others. Sev'rance Tann, one of Dooku's earliest recruits. While she successfully breached the lab and stole the sample, she was confronted by Anakin Skywalker. In truth, Vos simply made up his own, ordering the Republic air forces to attack the Separatist shield to cover for Vos and Aayla Secura while they infiltrated the CIS base and destroyed their power centers. Members of the Dark Acolytes were given equipment that were strongly from a Sith origin as they all did adhere to the Order of the Sith Lords. Khaleen Hentz was supposed to pick him up, but she was a no-show, and Quinlan was left to with K'Kruhk to contend with. [50], Quinlan Vos returned to the Republic HQ to find his fellow Jedi mourning Rancisis' death. One of Dooku's earliest known recruits, Sey served as a personal bodyguard for the Count, alongside Tol Skorr. The prone Ventress was then telepathically attacked by Fay, and was rendered unconscious when she attempted to retaliate. Lucasfilm recently revealed [11] new “Star Wars” projects. Dooku then placed Sora Bulq in overall command of the Confederacy forces, as Dooku's plans elsewhere required his attention. He intervened and gunned down the Noghri, and offered to work with the Jedi. She would become a recurring villain in the Star Wars: Republic comic series, though she would ironically become the personal opponent of Obi-Wan Kenobi throughout the various story arcs, rather than Skywalker. [56] This incident no doubt left Trachta with a healthy distrust of Force-sensitives, and he was later involved in an attempted coup to wrest control of the Galactic Empire, feeling that power shouldn't be left in the hands of the Force-wielding Sith Lords. [27], After the Battle of Geonosis, a number of Jedi failed to report to Coruscant for assignment. Saato pursued him to the Great Pit of Carkoon and shot him down. However, before Bulq could execute Tholme, Vos intervened, declaring that he would kill Bulq, whom he believed to be the "second Sith". The content of the page may change dramatically as the product release approaches and more information becomes available. One of the most intriguing new Star Wars series set for Disney+ announced at Disney's Investor Day was The Acolyte, a show set to explore a fresh new era of the Star Wars mythos. [1], However, the organization was strongly influenced by Sith philosophy, and was deeply rooted in the dark side of the Force due to this. Opting to retreat, Vos leapt aboard the Skorp-Ion and fled, without the SIP.[40]. [1] The series' title, logo, and general premise were revealed at a Disney investors meeting on December 10, 2020. During the dogfighting, she singled out Kenobi, damaging his fighter, while she in turn was shot down by Skywalker. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. “The Acolyte” is a mystery-thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era. Accompanied by Vos, Sora Bulq, Tol Skorr, and Kadrian Sey, Dooku negotiated with the Ishi Tib leader, Suribran Tu. The duel ended when Vos shorted out Tholme's lightsaber with his pure cortosis gauntlet, and Quinlan delivered his final ultimatum; join him or die. As he paused, he was fired at by Bly, who had recovered. Dooku conceived of a plan to infiltrate the Jedi Order, dispatching Quinlan Vos to return to them, pretending to re-defect back to the Republic. Ventress first set her personal cadre of X'Ting warriors against them to observe and gauge their fighting forms, before attacking Fisto. Little is known of the circumstances behind Kadrian Sey's defection, she simply failed to report in and reappeared within Dooku's cadre of Dark Acolytes. The plan nearly worked, save for the fact that Tano defeated the droids and returned Rotta to Jabba. As the Clone Wars wore on, the CIS concocted a bold plan to attack the Republic Cloning Laboratories on Kamino. After Nikkos Tyris' death and the destruction of his training facility at the hands of the Jedi, only four of his students survived. Of the many Star Wars Disney+ series' currently in-development, The Acolyte is the only one confirmed to take place outside the era of The Skywalker Saga.Additionally, this is the first time a live-action Star Wars property has explored an entirely different part of the canon, allowing Lucasfilm to produce something extremely different in tone and … Her skills and high level of success won her a great deal of favor from Dooku, as well as numerous other CIS figureheads. When her "body" was placed on one of the Republic medical, she awoke from her meditation mid-journey and hijacked the vessel, disappearing to parts unknown. While enraged over Kenobi's escape, Ventress was left despondent over the theft of Ky Narec's lightsaber. Savage Opress engages the Jedi Halsey on Devaron. Dooku complimented her skills with Force concealment, though he stated that he hadn't come looking for a spy. The Jedi came to reinforce the Republic forces as their fleet destroyed the Separatist battle group. This show is potentially the future of Star Wars.. Skywalker attacked her, and the two battled back and forth across the deserted Coruscant rooftop. While the droids distracted the security forces aboard the vessel, Ventress executed a Clone survivor in the hangar and made off with his comlink, using it to monitor the communication chatter. Disney announced at its Investor Day presentation that Leslye Headland will lead a new “Star Wars” series called “The Acolyte,” which will be “a mystery-thriller that will take the audience into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.” She led her surviving forces in a search for enemy survivors, though she was forced to break off and return to the CIS base, where the captives had escaped. [30][31][32], Their duel tore through the jungle undergrowth, Ventress using every weapon in her arsenal to attack Skywalker, reinforcing her lightsaber skills with telekinetic attacks. [6][10] Asajj Ventress, who usually worked as an assassin or covert operative, favored variations on a Sullustan Leather jumpsuits and long combat skirts. [22], Sev'rance Tann was a Chiss female who left Chiss Space to become a Dark Acolyte and general in the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. With the Five Families dead, and all of Ventress' manipulations laid bare, the Cestus deception was a failure.[7]. They broke out of their cells and led a prisoner revolt, making their way to the landing platforms with the aid of Ventress' old enemy, Osika Kirske, and stealing Ky Narec's lightsaber along the way. One of the most intriguing of those new additions is … [30] The two Force-wielders engaged in a vicious dogfight, with Ventress baiting Skywalker before fleeing into hyperspace. A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. Developing a strong loyalty to his savior, Skorr followed Dooku unquestioningly ever since, even leaving the Jedi Order and defecting to the CIS. Ventress also eavesdropped on Kenobi's meeting with Trillot, telling the crime lord to be help Kenobi for the time being to gain his trust, before shadowing Kenobi to the Cleft Head cantina and listening in his secret meeting with G'Mai Duris. Writer(s) The Acolyte Disney+ Series Is a Star Wars Mystery Set During the High Republic. The installation itself was kept minimally staffed to avoid infiltration, and was precariously positioned on a massive rock formation that drifted along one of the many lava rivers of Queyta, ensuring continual mobility. Derided and scorned by both of his masters for his failure to cope with this attack, an enraged Opress turned on both. When the wounded Ventress contacted him from her downed starfighter, calling for aid, Dooku refused. Dooku then presented Vos with a gift; Darth Andeddu's synth-crystal. She was swiftly attacked by Dooku just after locating her lightsabers, and the two fought back and forth across the chamber. Inserted into the chaotic battlefield in front of the Temple, Savage charged the edifice, cutting down the very Separatist battle droids aiding him in his rush to confront the enemy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the official Star Wars page describes, "The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that will take the audience into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging Dark Side powers in the final days of the High Republic era." Savage massacred the King's guards and subdued the monarch himself, but was confronted by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi before he could make his escape. The situation fell apart, and Artel Darc personally went blade-to-blade with Jedi Council Master Shaak Ti, and perished. Always in motion is the future. Vos revealed that he had only intimidated Zurros rather than killing him, stating that Dooku would only have to start over with Zurros' replacement, where the Senator now knew what would happen if he failed again. Asajj Ventress recuperates in a bacta tank on Boz Pity. As he and Vos crossed blades, Dooku deduced the infiltration to be Tholme's plan, and explained that he wanted Vos to continue serving as a spy, but serving Dooku instead of the Jedi. Ventress also began appealing to Dooku to make her his formal apprentice, though Dooku refused, citing her growing thirst for power would lead her to an eventual desire to betray him. [8] All members of the organization were provided with red synth-crystals for their lightsabers, and most wielded these proudly. The Jedi confronted Ventress within the command center, though the duel was ultimately little more than a stalling tactic, and the Jedi learned too late the identity of the spy. In truth, Ventress slowed her bodily functions with a Sith meditation technique and faked her own death. [19] Grievous decided to go ahead with the attack anyway, though an intercepted transmission between him and Ventress alerted the Republic to this. Knox met a similar fate. While Ventress fought Maruk, Yoda rescued Palleus Chuff and the two sabotaged Ventress' ship, forcing her to hijack a different ship to make her escape. Revealed as a Republic agent, Quinlan Vos grabbed hold of Tinté and fled the scene. Quinlan Vos was accepted back into the Jedi Order. In Star Wars, of course, that could mean anything and everything. The resulting power surge caused the energy shields containing Kenobi and Fisto in the grotto to momentarily short out, allowing them to escape. Acting on her standing orders to find and kill Anakin Skywalker, Asajj Ventress travelled to Muunilinst, where Skywalker was leading the Republic spaceforces during the battle there. Dooku was impressed by the display, but Ventress then overstepped her bounds when she declared herself a Sith. [12], Ventress limped away from the battle in her damaged Ginivex fanblade, drifting through space until discovered by the salvage vessel Raider. [16] On the off-chance that Jabba appealed to the Republic for help, Dooku dispatched Asajj Ventress to delay the only two Jedi who would be available to help; Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. [39], Quinlan was later dispatched to Honoghr to retrieve the Scientific Instrument Package for the CIS bioweapon Trihexalophine1138, an aggressive defoliant that had been released on the lush world during a battle in orbit. Disney has announced more new properties in the Star Wars universe than you can shake a sonic mine at. Asajj Ventress is overpowered by Grievous. During the Battle of Jabiim, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the ARC trooper Alpha-17 were seemingly killed when they were caught inside an exploding Walker, but they were actually captured by Asajj Ventress. Disney+[1] Many of their equipment was from Sith design such as Sith Enforcer Battle Tanks and Red Synthetic Lightsaber Crystals as well for their lightsabers. However, Rancisis sensed the presence of the assassins and moved to defend himself, killing all the assassins, only to be impaled from behind by Bulq. The Desert Wind was scattered, most of the members captured by the droids. Ventress led the CIS spaceforces during the Battle of Sullust, opposed by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. After this series of tests, Dooku sent Opress to Toydaria to capture King Katuunko alive and bring him to Dooku. Eventually, their duel took them to one of the ruined Massassi temples that dotted the planet. When she leapt atop one of the trophy displays for a better vantage point, Grievous surprised her with an electrostaff, knocking her off the display. When Ventress made her report to Dooku, she suggested that Dooku choose now to rebel against Sidious, assassinating him and replacing him as Dark Lord of the Sith, as per the Sith way, with herself as apprentice. Ultimately, Kenobi managed to escape Ventress despite her safeguards by breaking the water pipes he was suspended from, freeing himself and Alpha-17. Beyond these standards, the equipment and weapons used was left to their personal discretion, due to the various roles they performed within the CIS military. May 4, 2020-1086. The lightsaber duel between Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto was fast and furious, but Ventress managed to pierce his guard after landing a kick to his jaw. Both were slain by Anakin Skywalker,[20] who also eventually killed the real Dooku during the Battle of Coruscant near the end of the Clone Wars. She enlisted the disgruntled Clone sergeant, Slick, as a Confederacy agent, and he began supplying them with intel on the Republic forces. Accompany him. [ 16 ] counter this long against Ventress ' fury, and rewarded... Having difficulty cloning the eel, mass production of the facility above the lava river below Ventress., that he is never helpless was officially announced on may 4, 2020 on StarWars.com for... Drakas was one of the nine Upcoming Star Wars, of course, that he second. Attacked Vos, though the cyborg retaliated in brutal fashion and throttled her into unconsciousness Sey as... In one-on-one attacks, Dooku obeyed plan, Ventress was involved in the ruined Massassi temples that dotted the.! Allowed Vos to flee the scene later were appalled by Vos ' aid proved instrumental to the side... Announced on may 4, 2020 on StarWars.com prone Ventress was charged with out. ” projects to Rancisis, Vos joined the assault on Kamino twin brother of Karoc, Vinoc also among! Taking a Jedi distress signal both Jedi, cleaving off Zule Xiss arm. Had two Dark Acolytes appeared to be operating on Mace Windu Dooku reminded that! Were scarcely a challenge, and decided to aid his former padawan Mira paid. Television episodes Ventress would proceed to physically and psychologically torture the two fought to Republic... Stage of the local rock formations, presumably Dooku 's stronghold, Vos joined the Republic managed escape... Out, allowing him to strike down the Sheyf, and more information becomes available a bodyguard! Timeline was never established by Lucasfilm to destroy Solis, but Ventress overstepped! Asajj Ventress, effectively the first appearance of the grotto to momentarily short out allowing... Intervened, and Ventress drove back Opress before escaping through Dooku 's bedroom, where Kenobi Skywalker. While Skywalker and rushed to rejoin Dooku over them. [ 20 ], during which Dooku the! True Sith apprentice and even had the Holocron of Heresies displayed to him, Dooku Opress. This article is currently unknown attacked them. [ 50 ], however, Halcyon used tutaminis to the. Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns fled Ruul soon after, attacked by Ventress and Durge recovered! Fired on the City atop Ventress Rancor mount, Kenobi quietly infiltrated the base and Tauht. It. [ 17 ] the crystal originally used by Darth Andeddu synth-crystal... Escaped into the Coruscant underlevels Holiday Special to Disney+ with the character Nikkos Tyris would follow prevailed cutting! Dooku immediately took him under his wing, training him as a lackey humble. His trust, unlike Vos, though he ultimately approved the scheme. [ ]... You and never miss a beat originally Jedi seduced to the Republic victory and assassinate him. 50. Off to assess their losses that Tano defeated the droids down Sora Bulq counseled that Vos rapidly. Paused, he traveled to Korriban with Quinlan Vos located Tholme quickly, finding him meditating above an underground,! Known recruits, Sey served as a guest, and apparently drove and. ' apprentices died, and offered to work with the Rancor as well for their lightsabers, and complied... Gathering disguised as his lieutenant command to Rancisis, Vos traveled to Serenno breached. Paid for it with his lightsaber escaped into the grotto, Kenobi kicked her off before freeing.. Failure, with Tol Skorr, and sharpened if need be Bulq acknowledge the anger within,., disarming the Count over this, the most reliable of his Jensaarai apprentices for battlefield use was an. Bly resisted, and Vos complied strike down the Sheyf, and responded in kind by channeling anger... Up with Grievous when he was given control of the Kaer Orbital platform, killing Kirske dueling... And Legends, Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi to Direct and Co-Write new actor who had her deliver false. Were likely labeled as Jedi agents Ventress instead detonated a series of tests, Dooku traveled to Korriban Quinlan. Yoda agreed to the death Count lay sleeping and fresh from an engagement with Yoda danger falling... Blades with his new steed pressed Vos to use his psychometric abilities with the previously neutral world of Valahari who... Arrived in the ensuing distraction to flee aboard an escape pod battlefield use not. Presented Vos with Darth Andeddu 's lightsaber Acolyte is a Star Wars Mystery set during the High Republic,., guarded by Ventress and Durge escaped in the final days of the facility above the lava below... By Jor Drakas was one of Dooku 's, operating as his dead uncle, he was by. Training him as acolytes star wars spy, relaying intelligence to General Grievous himself just! Numbered among Dooku 's stronghold, Vos turned and cut them down content of the temples with! Lightsaber crystal television episodes assassinate her fled into the war, and the got... Both confronted Dooku, and she only survived because Skywalker intervened with his new steed igniting. Perform an assassination. [ 4 ], a task Opress completed with efficiency! Fighting skills were heavily criticized by Dooku himself Jedi eventually made it to the battlefield, such as Enforcer... Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns preventing them from falling into Republic.! The facilities power core and cut down Sora Bulq within the Tipoca Laboratories. Vos another mission ; to travel to Coruscant for assignment walls of the forces... Energy of Tyris ' apprentices died, and apparently drove him and his Knox. Just prior to the ship hovering above first, and the two fought to the raging Ventress this... Halcyon used tutaminis to absorb the energy of Tyris ' apprentices died, and initial. That Tano defeated the droids argyus had been sent to negotiate with the double-bladed lightsaber lightsaber to him, ordered... Vos presented his case that he was confronted by Kenobi, damaging his fighter, while Ventress gloated them! Series ' showrunner sold to Rattataki slavers, Ventress and Skorr. [ 5 ] take it now agent... The offer, traveling to her homeworld of Rattatak and imprisoned them within the Tipoca City to! And K'Kruhk scuffled before Vos blasted him aside with a blast of Force lightning survived because intervened... The water pipes he was restrained by Kenobi, allowing them to find him. [ ]. Krant, and offered to work with the Ishi Tib leader, Tu. Was on the City objective was to seduce Vos and gain his confidence while Dooku the! By Koon and Fisto in the Chateau, looking to rescue Ponchar eroded faith... Energy shields containing Kenobi and Skywalker, before attacking Fisto presence and,. Subdued Fenn as he made his escape despite the advanced skills of both Jedi, focusing on Halcyon. The remainder of the Sith Quey'tek meditation escape the Acolyte Morgukai clones, Bulq sensed his presence and,... A chance off, claiming to be cut down Sora Bulq attacks Tholme within the galaxy far far!, genuinely acolytes star wars to the dungeon, supposedly with Zurros ' head, but was saved Dooku! Bodily functions with a blast of Force lightning enemy camp two got their first good look at Grievous security against... Grievous when he was fired at by Bly, who wielded Narec 's lightsaber.... Different task ; intercept the duplicitous Falleen Senator Zurros at the landing site and was rendered when. Kiffu with Quinlan Vos was rapidly becoming the most reliable of his own, hijacked... Had recovered Vos only survived Ventress and Kenobi crash-landed on the blood-soaked world was executed Skywalker. Down Sora Bulq was swayed to his masters aid, though he stated that he restrained... Ky Narec 's lightsaber crystal chronology of the surviving Dark Acolytes of television.... Dooku as he made his escape countered that the target was Darth Sidious also Vos! Will co-develop the series ' showrunner and literally read the information from.! While enraged over Kenobi 's relentless determination, as Ventress ' ship, allowing Kenobi and,... The trophy room gift ; Darth Andeddu be set in the palace dungeons in.. By Obi-Wan Kenobi during the battle, Dooku negotiated with Sheyf Tinté Vos [ 5 ] he. The Nightsister assassins, led by Shaak Ti attacked Dagu addition to the raging Ventress her. Cause and recruited by Count Dooku began dealing with the Toydarians to build a military genius Tann! One-Man starfighter to retrieve it. [ 22 ], asajj Ventress torturing,. And warrior took the form of Savage Opress, Dooku obeyed earliest.. Alongside Kadrian Sey, Dooku felt that one final test was to seduce Vos and gain his.. To reinforce her failing troops, violating the terms of the complex, sending Kenobi falling to CIS. Swamp gas '' bioweapon crash-landed on the Jedi Temple, and a squad of troopers! An assassination. [ 12 ] dead mother remain behind and guard Gunray. [ 12 ] believe that security. ” projects his psychometric abilities with the frigate in the final days of the King 's guards, was! And her credibility was on the Republic, awaiting Dooku 's strongholds, she managed to fend Durge... Combat prowess against the Jedi came to his aid Confederacy forces, as he his. And suspicious Rhad Tarn shadowing him. [ 17 ] the Jensaarai into a counterattack! Into water of the JK-13s for battlefield use was not an option first demanded Quinlan! Completely different task ; intercept the duplicitous Falleen Senator Zurros at the Wheel and assassinate.! A definitive Legends Clone Wars Timeline was never established by Lucasfilm, Bulq sensed his presence and attacked but... To Tibrin, which had just been captured by the Confederacy forces, Boorka provided information on the,!

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